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Renewing account and maturity instructions

Research  •  Wireframes  •   User Interface  •  Prototyping

Creating a smooth and easy renewal journey for our clients to renew their existing fixed-rate savings accounts.


Currently, at the end of a fixed term the clients funds are returned to them and then asked if they would like to reinvest. The clients are confused by this and start to look around for deals, they get confused by what rate they will get and how to reinvest their money.

The objective is to design and build a smooth journey for our clients to take out another fixed term savings account with preferential renewal rate, to improve retention of Fixed Rate Savers by 60% and to reduce the number of questions coming into live chat.


When going through the flow and having conversations with Clients and Product Owners we found the journey is very disjointed and difficult for our clients to continue to save with us easily continue to save with us.

“I save for holidays and travel mainly. There is a little bucket for a house deposit and that is very slowly going up."

Affinity mapping

Problem Statements

Bella wants to connect all her banking and saving accounts in to a financial management app that keeps her data secure while giving her the freedom and insights to make the most of her money.

When reviewing her monthly budget and spend, Bella wants to receive personal insights and recommendations so she can effectively adjust her budget and identify areas of overspend.


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