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Private Client App
for UK & Channel Islands 

iOS  •  Android  •  Wireframes  •  Flowcharts  •  User Interface  •  Prototyping
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Overview and challenges

To create a personalised app for the UK and Channel Island clients that is easy to use, faster, fresh and easy to continuously update. 


We needed to adapt and move forward to be able to deliver updates more frequently allowing the app to keep up with the competition, regulations and tech innovations. 


Backed by research we were able to convince stakeholders that the best way forward wasn’t to keep adding more features but to take it back to basics. By creating a new app on a new, stable foundation we could create an experience that felt reliable, secure and fast.

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Since we were in the lucky position of being both the designers and part of the end-users, we quickly applied our vision and defined our guiding principles (Personalisation, Speed, Security, Readability and Manageability). 


Frequently testing and rapid iteration plus a strong feedback pipeline not only saved costs but allowed us to identify and address client needs before they become frustrations.


Working with a multidisciplinary team of UX designers, UX writers, Product Managers and Developers enabled us to work in an agile way to design and develop together.


The app was designed to be released with the core features and functions that enabled us to iterate and enhance on a regular basis.

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My contributions

As lead designer, I worked closely with the UX specialists, product owners and Reactive Native developers to produce user flows and wireframes. Once tested with our clients I then created high-resolution designs, prototypes, design specifications and handover documents. 

During the process of designing and developing the app, I created a design system in Figma that has helped the team to develop a larger design system across all our platforms.

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