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Investec Private Client App


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Private Client UK & Channel Islands App

To create a personalised app for our UK and Channel Island clients that is easy to use, faster, fresh and easy to continuously update. We needed to adapt and to move forward to be able to deliver updates more frequently allowing the app to keep up with the competition, regulations and tech innovations. 

Role & Responsibility

As lead UI designer, I worked closely with the UX specialists, product owners and Reactive Native developers to produce user flows and wireframes. Once tested with our clients I then created high-resolution designs and prototypes.
My role was to keep my fellow designers within Investec updated with the progress of the project and to make sure my designs and ideas stayed within the brand guidelines.


The previous app was designed and built more than 5 years ago and has been added to over the years. It was aimed at the global community which resulted in it being big and confusing. We needed to simplify and develop an app that was quick, user-friendly and allowed for regular updates. Our main focus was speed, security, readability and core functionality, this was achieved by removing all the clutter and unnecessary elements.

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